Laura Stevens LICSW

Laura Stevens LICSW

I am a psychotherapist, licensed independent social worker, teacher, presenter, coach and facilitator skilled in the areas of cognitive behavioral therapy, mind body interventions, and self-care practices to improve emotional, physical and mental well-being.

My Approach To


I strive to provide a warm, supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere where clients are free to explore their difficulties as well as reconnect with and harness their strengths. I aim to create a space where growth, healing, and transformation can occur. I do this by using a client-centered approach, listening kindly, and offering constructive feedback to help clients challenge self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is my main theoretical orientation. My goal is to help each individual to access their unique strengths and remove any blockages that are preventing them from attaining their highest state of well-being and becoming their whole selves. I have helped clients to learn skills to better manage stress, as well as to recover from depression, anxiety and substance use using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. Although Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is my main orientation, I understand that each person’s needs are unique and I apply other modalities including insight orientated therapy and mindfulness.

I provide both short and longer- term therapy depending on your individual needs. I have specialized experience working with LGBTQI individuals, transgender individuals, and Veterans.

Issues Addressed in Therapy 

Life transitions
Improving life satisfaction
Enhancing Self-compassion
Spiritual exploration
Arts-based healing 
Gender Identity
Gender dysphoria
Sexual identity
Relationship concerns 
Substance Use

Psychotherapy Services 

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Individual Psychotherapy 

Individual therapy begins with an initial assessment which lasts 55 - 60 minutes. During this assessment we will explore the concerns that are bringing you to seek therapy at this time and begin to carve out a path to improve your emotional well-being. Telehealth video conferencing is now being offered for your convenience.  Please contact me to schedule an initial 15-20 minute phone consultation.

Group Therapy

Yoga CBT Group -This group that combines yoga, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy tools to reduce depression, stress and anxiety while increasing self-compassion and emotional well-being. 

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LGBTQ Services

I have specialized knowledge and experience working with LGBTQI clients. I understand the unique stressors and needs of the LGBTQI community. I am able to help clients explore issues related to sexual orientation, intersectionality, and gender identity. I have extensive experience working with the transgender community, including helping clients in their transition and providing letters for gender affirming surgery.


Additional Services 

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Training and consultation are offered in the areas of managing work stress, improving self-care, yoga and mindfulness. Training and consultation also provided in the area of providing culturally sensitive evidenced based treatment to the LGBTQI and other marginalized communities.

Mind Body Interventions 

In addition to traditional psychotherapy, I also offer mind body coaching sessions centered around integrating yoga and mindfulness techniques to help you to manage stress.

Workshops are also offered in the areas and Yoga, Mindfulness, Art and Yoga. Please visit Find your Calm Website for more information.

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